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By Emma Salzman ’22 – September 9, 2019

I can’t believe our first meet is already complete. Everyone did an amazing job and we even had a few PRs.  Shoutout to Bella for getting top 10 in the frosh/soph race that is such an accomplishment. This team truly has come a long way from the first week of summer running camp. At first it may have been hard thinking we had to run 3 miles in a race, trust me 3 miles was a lot to me freshman year. Now everyone is running that on a day to day basis.  This team truly is a second family to me and I am so lucky I get to run with amazing people everyday,even when it is pouring rain outside and half of us don’t really want to be running in that weather. This team has made me a faster and a better runner and I am thankful that I have such wonderful people and coaches in my life. When I go on a run with everyone I just think of the very weird and some very random conversations we may have along the way.  Being apart of a family like this is just what I wanted at Fenwick and I am happy to say that I am apart of one. With that being said I wanted to give one big thank you to the coaches and the friends I made along the way for making this team my second home and a second family.
Thanks, Emma Salzman


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