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By Grave Vomacka ’20 – September 15 2019

This past week has been a great week to be a friar! Our team has braved the elements, conquered tough workouts, and crushed Friday’s color day theme, all culminating in a fantastic race on Saturday morning.

Despite the intense heat in the beginning of the week, the team persevered through practice each day with no complaints. Additionally, a flooded path on our Friday run was not enough to stop us. We quickly found an alternate route for our run before heading to an awesome pasta party hosted by the Vacarros. 

This week was also a special week because of the LemonAID stand block party hosted annually on September 11th. Our Wednesday run was spent there, having fun and cherishing the community. On Thursday, we hit our second lemonade stand of the week, this one of the classic variety, hosted by neighborhood kids! 

Life gave us many lemons this week, and on Saturday we made some lemonade of our own. At Joliet, four athletes earned medals, four have now run under 20 minutes, and the frosh-soph team placed second! For just the second meet of the year, these results point to future success.

I am grateful to be a part of such an amazing team, and I am so proud of every member, especially on Saturdays after their work pays off. Seeing the team succeed and the happiness it brings everyone is priceless! Thank you to every runner, coach, parent, and supporter who made this week possible, and thanks to you, for reading the weekly blog!

-Grace Vomacka


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